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What is Amber Stone ?

amberstone2.png  Amber is fossilized tree resin that can be 30 to 90 million years old. Amber has been highly prized for its warmth and beauty, and has been carved into jewelry and ART traded among cultures for thousands of years.


Amber stone has been used for many things beside pretty bead necklaces. Amber has been carved into ART, made PICTURES DECORATED FROM THE FINEST AMBER STONE, and even used to remove lint from clothes (because of its static electric properties). Amber has been burned as incense and used to make lacquer. Fine violins have been polished with amber varnish. The most opulent use of amber has to be Peter the Great's Amber Room. It was given to the Russian czar in 1716, and was considered a masterpiece of Baroque art. Catherine the Great had the room moved to her summer estate. Unfortunately, when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 he raided the Amber Room, had it packed up and shipped to Germany. No one has seen it since. A replica of the Amber Room can be seen at Catherine Palace in Russia.

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